Born in 1968 in Taijuan, teacher Yang Jun is 6th generation heir of the founders of Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. He is son of Tao Fang and grandson of grand teacher Yang Chenfu. Born during the Culture revolution in China, he was separated from his parents. That way he grown and was educated by his grandparents. He says that everything he is, not only as a heir of Yang style, but also as a personality, he owns to his grandfather. He is married and have two children – a son and a daughter. He says what he liked the most in Plovdiv and Stara Zagora is that the both cities are clean and the food is tasty.

- Master Yang Jun, what made Tai Chuan so popular not only in China, but in some many different countries and continents?

yangjun24.jpg- Tai Chi consists a lot of Chinese culture, of the spirit of the East, of the traditional chinese medicine, which has its own serious archievements. And althought it use to defend from agression and attack, Tai Chi can train people from all age groups.  The movements are light and smooth, althought the trainings are actually really serious load up, that can’t be feel. Something more, while the body is moving, the breathing and the spirit of the person stayed calm, and this is a unique condition, even for eastern martial arts. The dealing with the enemy doesn’t need power, and it’s way of thinking, which is strive not for attack, but neutralization. Tai Chi Chuan is not only physical balance, but also balance of the mind, and exactly this – harmony and balance – are the weapon and the medicine. When I arrive to Bulgaria I thought here I am going to meet only beginers. But it turns out here are a lot of serious practitioners like Tihomir Todorov from Stara Zagora, like Stanislav Bagalev from Plovdiv…They done great job. And one more thing, which impressed me in Bulgaria – they are a lot of good people. In China we have this saying: “In the bissiness not only everything have to be alright and to look good, the bissiness not only have to be good, it have to be made by a good man”. Here there is potential from good people.

- What from Eastern culture and understood made China one of the biggest economic powers in the world?

- China has the priority to be very large country with huge population. By its nature this is really big market. I’ll give an example.  In Peking 15 years ago they opened the first KFC. People queuing to taste foreign kitchen, which they surely really like. For short time only in Peking were opened thousands similar shops, and now there are hundreds in every city.  The chinese are so many that if every of them decides to bye even once a year, the bissiness and gains of the network are provided. This happends to all kind of items and products. The same is with services. Even more important is the presence of uncaountable labor, in this case a cheap one. With good organization, the presence of Human potential in every sphere is turn to be huge chance for development and progress.  The main engine of success is organization, it’s the basis of possibility for progress of the society.

- How you decide to engage in Tai Chi Chuan – is it only because of the family fate?

- I can’t say in my first stage of life it was my conscious choice. When, during the Culture revolution, my family was separated, I start to live only with my grandparents. I stayed with them untill I merried. My grandfather was the one who start working with me. In the beginnig I was interested and start with desire. Really soon I realize, this is not quite a fun and it start to weighs me – the discipline, the necessity of systematic pursuit, of achieving a result. I didn’t realize the importance of the art, which I studied, I only saw while the other kids playing I was deprived of this. After all my grandfather with little but serious pressure succeed to overcome my natural child resistance. He show me the beauty, necessity, usefullness of which we deal with. Gradually Tai Chi Chuan is turn to be the basis of my life. I own my culture and moral, nested in my life and understood of the world, to my grandfather. He is 85 years old and it’s now hard for him to travell, but with my grandmother really want to come to Europe and they probably will do it.

- And do you render pressure on your own children to continue the Tai Chi Chuan tradition?

- Well, today things isn’t that way. I don’t think you can make contemporary child to do something, he didn’t want to do. If my grandfather once compel me not to eat or not to go to bed before I finish my job, today is absurdity even to think I can do this to my son and daughter. Tai Chi Chuan is preform with slow, measured movements. They are indeed to slow and uninteresting for a child. My son prefer when I came home to tease, to fight. He start from the door. That’s why I show him something from “Pushing hands”, we train gradually together without talking that is actually training and learning, because his interest will gone, if the game came to be obligation. My daughter is not interested in this direction. I think my kids with the time going to understood that is about and will develop a interest, but I won’t force or compel them. After so many people in the world are interested and Tai Chi Chuan become to be not only school, but huge club with friends, speaking different languages, professing different religions, living in different culture, so it has the power to attract people.

Zhivka Chehayova
Jurnalist, “National Bissiness post” magazine

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