From 9th to 15th of April 2009 Berlin held the largest seminar on Yang style of Taijiquan in Europe, leaded by Grand Master Yang Jun (fifth generation of family Yang) and its domestic students and directors of the centers. The organizer and host of the seminar was Yang Chanfu Center in Berlin, with director Johannes Mergner. Attended by practitioners from Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Sweden. The seminar was attended by local residents Tihomir Todorov and his students – Traian Todorov, Petia Todorova, Mihail Stefanov and Borislav Ivanov.

The seminar was divided into four parts: every morning during the first five days, for three hours taught Grand Master Yang Jun. And every afternoon for two hours taught various directors of centers. This is unique for the International Yang Style Taijiquan Association, as it applies for the first time. The lead instructors were Mei Mei Tao (United Kingdom and Sweden), Claudio Mingarini (Italy), Frank Grodstuk (Germany), Robert Iraush (Switzerland). Evenings were devoted entirely to the push-hands again with Grand Master Yang Jun. So, for a day there were about 8 hours training.

Grand Master Yang Jun began again to explain the 10th basic principles. Details from the form of 103 techniques and its fighting applications were worked. Classes in traditional push-hands began with review of the level of participants. Attention was paid to clean up the details and sequence of the main circles and transitions from one range to another. Explained the theory and how it applies in movement and connection of push-hands with the form. Grand Master Yang Jun explain the nature of the four key principles: Sui (education), Nien (fit), Zhang (sticking), Lien (connection). Later, Grand Master Yang Jun moved to a demonstration of applications arising from the rupture of the round or the wrong direction of pressure from their partner. Grand Master Yang Jun said that the most important is the timing. Sessions were helpful and very interesting and time flew quietly to all. Throughout the day, Grand Master Yang Jun answered the many questions asked by participants.

Evening of April 14 in a fine Italian restaurant Tihomir Todorov celebrated his birthday as official guests were the Grand Master Yang Jun, Claudio Mingarini, Yuhanes Mergner and his wife Christie. In the pleasant atmosphere and delicious food all relaxing, enabling informal conversations with people sharing similar interest. As Master Yang said: "We are all part of one big family, which is constantly increasing”. In this exciting evening, an idea was born – in 2012 Stara Zagora to be visited by the grandfather of Yang Jun, legendary Grand Master Yang Cheng Du (fourth generation of family Yang) and his wife. If this event realized, will attract hundreds of people from around the world, because Grand Master Yang Cheng Du rarely travels outside China after his retirement. His workmanship is extremely fine.

The last two days were devoted to the techniques with two-edged Chinese sword "Dzien”, which Grand Master Yang Jun skills to perfection. There were numerous questions that Master Yang replied by explaining the nature of principles, demonstrating the applications of the form.

The seminar ended with distribution of certificates of participation and wishes for new appointments.
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