Born in 1968 in Taiyuan, Grand Master Yang Jun is the 6th Generation descendant of the creators of Yang Style – the most practiced style of Tai Chi Chuan (The Supreme Ultimate Fist). Grand Master Yang Jun began his Tai Chi Chuan training with his grandfather Yang Zhen Duo in the age of 5. In 1998 Grand Master Yang Jun established the International Association in which he is President ever since. In 1999 Grand Master Yang Jun and his wife Fang Hong moved to USA, Seattle, where he established a school. Grand Master Yang Jun is the first member of the Yang Family who live outside of China.

For second year on a roll, by invitation of Tihomir Todorov, Stanislav Bagalev and German Atanasov, the Master is visiting Plovdiv and Stara Zagora. Our city was included as a part of the series of seminars of the Master in Europe.

- Master Yang, after a year ago for the readers of “National Bussiness post” You spoke about the specifics of Tai Chi Chuan – to be martial art and system for a health way of life at the same time. Which one of these both sides is more attractive for the european followers?

- Because of the exclusively healthy effect coming from the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, more and more people of middle or beyond middle age prefer it not only in Europe but in USA also. I am surprised by the exclusively young age of the practitioners in Bulgaria – huge part of the people are under 30 years old. I consider this is one good future, a good possibility one whole generation to understand better the philosophy of this ancient art and pass it forward in time.

- What the healthy effect is consisting in?

- In the specific techniques which are made during the practice of slow movements and deep breathing, tipical for the form of this art. In the same time it’s very effective martial art. The variety of achieved results made it more and more popular far away from China.

- This year You conducted a training of techniques with saber in Stara Zagora. Is the saber attract interest, especially after the increasing popularity of fantasy books among young people?

- For Tai Chi Chuan Yang style the saber is just extension of the Long form. Extension of the hands. At the same time the saber requires additional movements, additional techniques as jabbing, hacking and more. It’s interesting, it’s dynamic, and yes, surely for the youngest the trainings with saber are even more exciting

- How do you feel in Bulgaria? You have celebrated on 19th of June here your Birthday...

-  Perfect. The people who practice here are wonderfull. The country is very beautifull, and the kitchen is just fairy.

- Which ones of Bulgarian meals you liked the most?
- The problem is that everything I have tasted, I like it – from salads to pork barbecue. The organizator of the seminar here Tihomir Todorov constant take us on different places, we taste different meals and drinks, and for me it’s harder and harder to tell what I prefer. The truth is that bulgarian food will miss me a lot. And my birthday was wonderfull among the people here. I don’t celebrating it very specially – usually on this time of the year I am on a way.

- Which holidays you surely celebrate with your wife and children?

- Chinese New year required. And not only with my family, but we always invite my students, friends, people, accepted the psylosophy of Tai Chi Chuan for different places all over the world. We celebrate also Chistmas and Thanksgiving day – we live in USA and our children insist to get presents on this huge holidays as all.  

Zhivka Kehayova
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