Tihomir Todorov – director and instructor of affiliated school “Yang family Tai Chi Chuan in Bulgaria” successfully covered instructor level of 3rd rank “Golden Eagle”. This is the highest level in Bulgaria achieved according to the criterias and standards of International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. One of his students, Ivan Kolev, covered instructor level of 1st rank “Copper Eagle”. This means that Bulgaria has a worldwide recognized affiliated school, according to the criterias and standards of International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, and instructors who are officially in the ranking system and awared with medals and diplomas.

In the first week of November Mr. Todorov has returned from the largest Yang family Tai Chi Chuan seminar, that has been conducted worldwide so far, in San Germini, Italy. This was the 3rd European Traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan instructors' seminar attended by 80 instructors from China, Italy, Great Britan, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Canada, Argentina, Malta. The guests from China demonstrated traditional martial techniques without weapon, with saber and sword, said for NBP Tihomir Todorov. The seminar began with theory, deepend learning of principles from the old Masters and martial techniques in the style. For the very first time the family share with its students these family secrets, usually handed from generation to generation, only to people from the family. The training was raw and dynamic, 5 hours a day, but participants were satisfied.

Grand Master Yang Jun will keep developing and improving the system of instructor trainings and his final aim is after the creating of centers worldwide, to establish Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan college. The college will prepare professional instructors. The training methodology is to combine tradition and modern techniques. The preparation of staff will be on very high level and the roots of very old tradition will be handed to the future generations.

The participants had the opportunity to present on an amazing show with drums and flags, arranged with official dinner by the mayor of San Germini.  The balancing tricks with flags on the special drum rhythm is an old tradition in the town and the young people, who do the balancing tricks are dressed with clothes of knights.  

As to the affiliated school in Stara Zagora, there are very interesting things ahead in 2012, said Tihomir Todorov. There is a united seminar with the romanian affiliated school, series of trainings in Italy, conducting the 3rd international practical Yang style Tai Chi Chuan seminar on the Bulgarian seasight with Grand Master Yang Jun ahead. There will be training and adventures in China for the Birthday of Grand Master Yang Chen Duo, 4th generation of Yang family, who is grandfather and direct teacher of Grand Master Yang Jun, 6th generation of Yang Family.
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